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4 Circles News

March 3rd, 2011
4 Circles website on Google Cloud. 4 Circles LLC updated website is now running on Google Application Engine (GAE) cloud. For more details about GAE and cloud read this article.

Dec 8, 2010
Hibernate, JPA, @SecondaryTable. An article on how to use Hibernate, JPA, Secondary Table annotation can be found with code snippets and the correct method of using them in persistence models. Read more...

Jan 9, 2010
Word Frequency v1.1 released. This application is programmed in JDK6 and uses Swing. It can be downloaded here. Easy to use application which tells writers, students and lawyers occurences of each word in their essay/article/book. Read more...

Contact Info
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4 Circles LLC
426 Main Street #284
Spotswood, NJ 08884
Email: Sales/Questions/Info

Phone: (720) 922-0509


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4 Circles offers the four central services needed for any client to be succesful in their software projects. 4 Circles' employees' experience, skill set puts us in a unique place to offer as the first service - Innovations. Secondly we offer consulting services to our or your ideas to fruition. After many decades in this industry, we have our own applications which we feel will ease people's amount of time and energy spent at their tasks. Finally, as the adage goes- 'teach a man to fish...' ; which we strongly believe so we educate our clients so they are co-dependent on us. 4 Circles has provided software services for businesses all over the world including several Fortune 500 companies. With nearly twenty years of experience in telecommunications, finance, hospitality, and manfacturing industries, we offer solutions essential to our clients' success.

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With over 18+ years experience in software services, our company has worked for several Fortune 500 companies in various industries - Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Finance, Hospitality. Read more...

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An idea implemented results in an application. One of the many is Word Frequency - counts the occurence of each word in a text block and then in a table shows the frequency of each word. Used by teachers, students and writers. Read more...

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The mind is faster than the wind. So one can imagine how many ideas stream in each of our minds. In IT industry, it is important to look at the same problem from a different perspective to get a feasible idea. Read more...

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As part of our services we believe in training our client personnel to be independent after we leave. It is important to us to have our client personnel trained in all aspects related to the new software additions and applications. Read more...

What Technology?

Technology we can help you with Languages: Java, C+, C#, PHP, SQL, Groovy, Java Swing, Perl, Jython, Shell Scripts. Databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DBase, MS Access. Environments: J2EE, .NET, Oracle App Server, Weblogic, Oracle Portal, LDAP, Spring, Hibernate. We use Visio, Excel, Word, Powerpoint to communicate with our clients our ideas and their requirements with UML and Sequence diagrams.

Our personnel is always learning and it is difficult to stay on top of all the skills we can offer to you. Please email us if you have any questions by clicking here.